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Race Track Preparation

Race Car Track Preparation Sydney All Services Performed and Monitered By Former V8 Race Car Driver Tyler Mecklem Business Owner We Are Located On North Rocks Rd Parramatta Area

We offer a race car track preparation services to optimise the potential of any car you may already own. Racing is our passion and our aim is to help other like minded enthusiasts to be as successful as possible. Our fully equipped workshop is Situated on North Rocks Rd North Parramatta opposite Bunnings carpark entrance. We are centrally located in the middle of sydney, we are handy to eastern creek via m4 and old windsor rd sydney western suburbs.

Driving a car on a race track involves certain amount of risk and theres always the chance that something could go dreadfully wrong. Fortunately safety technology in the racing industry is a competitive market which means there a lot of varoius products to select from to help keep you safe in the event an accident occurs. Parramatta Vehicle Services can help get your car equipped with things like fire suppression systems, master power disconnect switches, racing seats, window nets, roll cage padding and safety harnesses, helping you perform at your ultimate best in the safest manner possible.

Having the right components makes all the difference out on the race track. PVS can help you install high performance braking systems, suspension systems, engine components, upgrade cooling systems, V8 engine rebuilding, turbo chargers. Pvs can guide you in making decisions based on reliability not just maximum vehicle performance.

Dyno Tuning

Our sound proofed dyno room has been purpose built to the highest standards to ensure exhaust fumes are removed from the room. We ensure that it’s the perfect environment to tune your car. 

All cars are tuned by Tyler, A former V8 race car driver and racing enthusiast.

Contact us with your requirements and we`ll do our best to help you perform better on the race track.

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